Our animals


One of the rural house’s attractive points is its agricultural tourism aspect. Our family has always worked in farming, and we are fervent defenders of animals, nature and a healthy, tranquil and placid lifestyle.

Everyone who visits us is surprised by the variety of animals living on the farm. Since they are part of our day-to-day, we would also like to introduce them:



The cows

For us, they are not just cows. They are “the girls.” That is how we affectionately call them. We produce milk, so we have the dairy where they live next to the farmhouse. If you visit them, you will be able to see, for example, how relaxing it is to watch them chew their cud. Or if you like intense experiences and are lucky, you can attend a live birth. The girls sure are worth it.



The chickens

It is a true delight to pick up their eggs in the morning… From an early hour, you will see them here and there nibbling in the field and digging, and around noon, in the garden, laying under the sun. They have the life!




The sheeps

As disciplined as they are silent, we hardly realise they are there and how beautiful it is to lean out the window and see the pastures surrounding the farmhouse spattered by these animals. When they hide in the apple orchard far from the house and we do not see them for a few weeks, this is when we especially notice that they are missing. And sometimes they return accompanied…by playful little lambs!



She pokes around the farmhouse at her leisure. She knows all of the house’s hiding spots and only pays attention to whomever she feels like. You already know, a cat is a cat. Be careful and do not leave food within her reach, because she will scarf it all down…

“Since this is a farmhouse, we could be in direct contact with the animals and even watch how they milked the cows. In fact, one of the days we were there, we saw a new-born calf.”

Aida (Nekatur)
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